Are you frustrated because you run out of ideas during your solos and end up repeating the same old licks and patterns?

Would you like to greatly expand your vocabulary of licks and ideas so that your solos sound fresh and exciting?


50 Smoking Licks For Rock and Metal Lead Guitar is the solution!


One of the challenges guitarists face is a lack of depth in their soloing vocabulary. They may know a few licks, phrases and patterns but often run out of ideas in the first minute or two of soloing and end up repeating themselves.

We have developed 50 Smoking Licks For Rock and Metal Lead Guitar to help you to create your own new and exciting guitar solos.

Learning and studying these licks in the style of some of the greatest hard rock and metal guitarists of all time will greatly increase the number of ideas you have available for use in your own solos.

In addition to following in the footsteps of some of the greatest rock and metal guitarists, you will also learn ideas to develop your own licks and expand your personal vocabulary.

All 50 licks are in the key of E minor so that you can instantly apply them in this popular key for rock and metal guitar.

Practice the licks over (2) included high-quality jam tracks!

50 Smoking Licks was written by Nick Layton of Firewolfe and Paul Tauterouff - 2 guitarists known for their great great guitar soloing.


This Book Is Perfect For You if You Would Like To:

  • Expand your vocabulary of licks and ideas when soloing and improvising

  • Create more interesting and exciting solos
  • Study licks in the styles of great guitarists like Randy Rhoads, Michael Schenker, George Lynch, Gary Moore, Zakk Wylde and many others to inspire you to create your own licks.
  • Express yourself more fully when soloing



50 Smoking Licks For Rock And Metal Lead Guitar includes:

50 killer licks played at both normal and slow speeds

Tab and explanations for each lick

Diagrams for E minor Pentatonic and E Natural minor scales

2 rocking E minor backing tracks to apply what you’ve learned

Additional ideas for creating your own licks

A recommended listening section


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