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Here you will find links to sites owned by musician and music teacherfriends of mine all over the US and world. Endorsement links are located on my Endorsements page.


Tom Hess - Looking to develop a career in music of your own? Get the music and business advice you need to develop your career by reading these music career articles . These will help you to improve your knowledge and ability to start or build your career in the music industry.


Tommaso Zillio - Learning to play your guitar is frustrating and you seem to never get better at it? We are here to help! Get guitar lessons from professional, dedicated, experienced teachers and finally reach the results you could only dream of! Guitar lessons in Edmonton , AB.


Matteo Miller - At the San Diego School of Guitar, you can learn how to take what's inside your creative mind and show it to the world! If you need help overcoming challenges with songwriting, improvising, lead guitar techniques, or creativity, you can push your guitar playing to the next level by taking guitar lessons in San Diego .


Matteo Miller - Want to hear what it's like to be inside a musical hurricane? Get a feel for this progressive rock music that crosses the extreme boundaries to musical madness.


Chad Crawford - Unleash your Blues Muse with the premier Blues Guitar Lessons in Greenville, SC . Palmetto Music Institute - sharing the gift of music with aspiring guitarists of all ages and skill levels while cultivating self-confidence and life skills in Greenville's youths. Click through to schedule a free, no-obligation introductory lesson (limited availability - act now).


Jon Chorba - Have you always wanted to play guitar but don't know where to begin? Have you been playing for awhile but are frustrated with your lack of progress? Guitar Lessons In Scranton, PA offers high quality guitar instruction in a fun learning environment. Be the Guitar Player You Want To Be!


Ryan Tunis Have a passion for the blues but don't know where to begin? Do you always wonder how some guitar players make 1 note sound so awesome? Guitar lessons in Hamilton has the training you have been looking for.


Lee Gattenby Music - Does the Alaska winter cause your instrument to sit around and collect dust? Do you feel like your playing is collecting dust? Find out what local Alaskan music students are raving about!


Dario Napoli - If you have a desire to learn gypsy jazz and jazz guitar, Dario Napoli is the musician you are looking for. Have you been told you had to be born with it? Have you been told you had to start at an early age? Have you been told you have to be a gypsy to play like Django Reinhardt? Suppress that false information and jumpstart your learning. Dario is a professional gypsy jazz and jazz guitarist , producer, composer and teacher. Beyond touring and performing regularly, Dario teaches in two schools, as well as home and on skype.


Rovan Deon - Whether it's writing/producing the perfect song for your recording artist(s) or finding the right music for TV/Film, music producer and songwriter Rovan Deon of The Duke Music Factory makes it easy for you in the most seamless manner. We create good songs so you don't have to.


Alex Boccia - Want to be the best guitar player you can be? Stop wasting your time trying to make progress and actually do it! Lessons with Alex Boccia will rapidly improve your playing, and enable you to reach rock god status! Algonquin Guitar Lessons


Jonathan Vipond - Looking for Guitar Lessons Leeds ? Guitar Lessons Bradford ? Get a free introductory lesson and find out more about how you can become the guitar player that you want to be through a structured learning program and involvement in the fastest growing music community in the area.


Kwote - Kwote is a Turntablist, Composer and Scratch DJ Instructor . Kwote currently releases free instructional articles for Turntablists of all skill levels, as well as offers direct instruction for scratch dj's online via Skype. Break free of your frustration and get the inspiration and advice needed to become an outstanding scratch dj.


Muicians Backing Tracks - Need to gig but don't have a band? No problem. This resource of professional backing tracks provides everything you need to play, impress and make money without the hassle and expense of a backing band. Nearly 200 tracks in genres including classical, jazz, folk and pop, incorporating all the standards, available for purchase online and immediate download, suitable for all lead instruments.


Pete Hartle - Need a wedding violinist ? Pete Hartley is your man! Pete has decades of experience playing thousands of weddings and other functions, and can provide you with anything you need to make your wedding or other event go with a swing! Available to perform in his native UK or across the world, your event deserves the very best - it deserves Pete Hartley.


James Scott is a metal producer , composer and session musician based in London, UK, who has helped musicians across the world take their music to the next level. James provides a range of services to help make your music the best it can be.


Ty Morgan - Ready to get out of the crowd and onto the stage? Get effective guitar instruction from a professional teacher who likes to have fun and is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. Guitar lessons in Mesa, AZ


Nathan Dashnaw - Ready to start rocking with your guitar? Come learn the skills it takes to play guitar, and play it well. Taking
Guitar Lessons in Anderson
with Nathan will help push your guitar playing to the next level.


Guitar Practice Generator - In addition to learning from your local guitar teacher you should also be sure that you have a customized guitar practice routine. Check out this website to get your customized guitar practice schedule .


Lauren Bateman - Ever wanted to sing like your idols? Think that you have be born talented to start singing? Anyone can sing, all you need is a little training. Most students see results within the first month of taking lessons with vocalist Lauren Bateman. She even offers online lessons via skype to help those not living in the Boston area. What are you waiting for? Become the vocalist you have always wanted to be. Visit Boston Voice and Guitar Lessons


Dan Smith - You don't like loud music? Your favorite genres are new age and easy listening? Wimpy eardrums? Then do not listen to heavy metal guitarist Dan Smith. In fact, do not even come close to where he plays. (Earthquakes might happen. Heavy metal music can cause deafness, temporary blindness and loss of consciousness. But hey, it's awesome!).

Joe Bailey - Have you become frustrated with your guitar playing or progress? GuitarStudio1 offers the best way to learn guitar and have fun! Joe Bailey is a full time music professional helping musicians achieve great results in the playing. All levels/ ages, electric and acoustic styles. become that guitar player you always dreamt of being! Guitar Lessons in Longfield, North West Kent, Uk


Vicki Workman - Purley Guitar Tuition offers great guitar lessons in Croydon area, UK. With a wide range of tuition packages and extras designed to help you really make the most of your playing, you'll get the results you're looking for and fast!


Mike Socarras - Are you frustrated with your guitar playing? Don't make the same mistake I did and think that guitar lessons have to be boring and not helpful. Start now and you will thank yourself for it later. Invest in your guitar skills now!


Lee Gattenby - A musical collaboration born out of necessity, what started out as a throw together alaskan band has taken a life of its own. Truly amazing things can happen with the right mix of dedicated talent. From humble beginnings, the demand for this gifted foursome continues to be high. Troubadour North, the band from the Northland !


Patrice Revel - is THE website to visit if you're looking for a serious and efficient guitar coaching in the city of Dublin, Ireland, you will also find free interesting videos and articles!


Leon Rahmaan - Looking for awesome shred guitar playing techniques? Guitar lessons in Detroit, Grosse Pointe, and St. Clair Shores . Learn the techniques needed to take your guitar playing to the next level, develop your skills to play in a band, with your friends, and have tons of fun.


Wes Davis - Beginner guitar lessons in South Boston, VA area now available! Sign up now and Get a FREE 30 minute, No Obligation introductory lesson. I will customize your lessons to your specific goals and needs. Your lessons will help you learn exactly what you need to practice and how to practice, in order to make fast progress toward your musical goals.

Eoghan O'Neil - Tired of getting nowhere with your guitar soloing? Do you find yourself playing the same licks over and over again? If you're looking to break out of the pentatonic box and learn how to really solo, check out Guitar Lessons in Galway, Ireland , for all your soloing needs!


Craig Hardie - Frustrated with your guitar playing? Want to maximise your potential and see dramatic improvements? Craig Hardie offers customised lesson plans and a variety of specialised guitar programs to suit students at all stages of ability from complete beginners to seasoned pros. For guitar lessons in St. Ives and Huntingdon , UK, contact St. Ives Guitar School now and get a completely FREE lesson with no obligation.


Ryan Duke - Are you a beginner who wants to learn guitar? Maybe you've been playing, but are ready for help? Check out Dayton Guitar Lessons . Free guitar playing tips and a free introductory lesson are available.


Marc Scholtemeijer - Heb je net een gitaar gekocht, of zou je graag gitaar willen leren spelen? Dan kunnen we je bij de Haarlemse Gitaarschool goed op web helpen! Dus ben je op zoek naar gitaarles in Haarlem , en wil je goed op weg worden geholpen, of wil je je gitaarspel naar het volgende niveau brengen, bij de Haarlemse gitaarschool ben je op het juiste adres!


Chris Goslow - Calling all future piano stars! Piano playing is a great way to have fun making music. Piano Lessons in Sacramento can help you to bring out your potential and harness the musical gifts within you.


Greg Trotter - Looking for the best guitar lessons in Melbourne? Learn your favourite songs, learn the correct technique, and most importantly have fun! Contact me today to arrange a FREE introductory guitar lesson.


Dam Acheron - If you are a fan of heavy music then check out hard rock guitarist , Dan Acheron. Dan has been influenced by a variety of hard rock band s which has helped contribute to his unique style of playing.


Paul Kleff - You can become the great guitar player you've always dreamed about being. The West Michigan Guitar School has the solution to your guitar playing problems with guitar lessons in Grand Rapids . Make fast progress on the guitar by learning the right things and the best way to practice them to improve your guitar playing quickly. Get a free lesson and see how Paul Kleff can help you bring out the music you have within you!


Chris Fury - Looking for new music? Check out Chris Fury, rock instrumental guitar music from Long Island NY. Combining elements from progressive rock, funk, and jazz, Chris's solo debut is a musical thrill and screams his passion for the instrument.


Chris Fury - Want to sound like your favorite guitarist? Learn your favorite songs, and learn the music theory behind them. The Long Island School of Guitar, featuring premier guitar lessons in Long Island, New York . Everything from studio and in-home guitar lessons , guitar lesson Gift Certificates, articles and other free resources.




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