Industry Professionals Comments About Paul

"There aren't too many people that I come across with so many pieces to the puzzle already in place."

"Paul's CD "Audio Chocolate" showcases his abilities as a killer rock player with great melodic feel and tone. Nice sounds and harmonies- had me reminiscing me of the great twin guitar bands like Maiden, Judas Priest, etc...with the melodic sense of Joe Satriani. Nice job Paul!"

"Hey Paul, nice stuff man! Your music is very melodic and authentic. I like the writing, arranging, and production. Also, really well played with a great tone to boot. Nice Job Brother! Keep it up!"

“A solid guitar rocker with a good ear for dynamics and melody.”

"Tauterouff does everything right on this rather conventional, yet buoyant and melodic instrumental. His tone is fat and present, he makes judicious use of harmony lines to keep things interesting, and he holds back on the jamming until the end. It’s a nice lesson in restraint, and it’s also tasty as hell."

“Paul has a great ear for melodic and memorable tunes and arrangements. Each tune on his CD is a well-crafted song. The music has a vintage-tinted crunch that often brings to mind the work of Gary Moore. Jeff Beck and even some classic metal vibes from the likes of Judas Priest….Sure to please hardcore guitar heads and music fans alike! Highly recommended!”

I"'ve known Paul Tauterouff for several years now. He never fails to 
amaze me with his energy and passion for all things musical--whether teaching guitar lessons, playing a guest solo on my record or just talking about music, his enthusiasm is contagious.

Paul is highly regarded by me as a killer guitarist, amazing teacher 
and best of all--a great person and friend."

"Paul Tauterouff is an incredible guitarist/musician with amazing feel and tone, his songs are soulful and memorable. He is so good I had him play on my upcoming instrumental cd. Look for big things in to happen for Paul in the near future!"

I'm listening to your track and it is very cool! well recorded and great playing!I

Paul brings together melodic sensibility, cool harmonies and a somewhat European sounding solo style in songs that speak, breathe and stay in the ears even after the music has faded.

Paul Tauterouff has something that all musicians long for. His music contains strong melodies, phrasing and feel. He is able to speak through his guitar better than many can speak through their mouths. Listening to his music is always enjoyable. He combines his guitar playing and song-writing ability to create fantastic works of art. His guitar playing is very memorable and you will have the themes from his songs on your mind for months.
Keep doing what you do Paul!
Zack Uidl

Great melodic tracks which are a pleasure to listen to. Good luck with your music!

"Pauls songs have a great blend of themes, phrasing and logical song structures that are not commonly found in today's instrumental songs, good job."

"I enjoyed listening to your songs. Great melodies, nice tone and good arrangements. The world better watch out for Paul Tauterouff!!!"

"Frozen Heart reeks of class. Very tasteful, melodic, and you manage to convey your skill without "wanking." I liked how you saved the fastest runs for the end. Great stuff. I'd like a copy of this CD if possible?"

"I enjoyed listening to your songs ... tasty and passionate playing !!!
All the best to you and your music."

"Smooth and Tasty…these two words describe Paul Tauterouff's playing to a tee. His unique guitar style blends Blues, Rock, and Metal music together so very well and just for kicks he adds in a bit of Satch phrasing. Although he is a great player, Paul's teaching ability is right up there and is also completely pro. He's one of the most personable, dedicated, and motivated professional musicians I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. Keep up the Rock, Paul"

"There are only good things to say about my experiences working with Paul. Whenever Paul is responsible for a task it gets done, and it gets done quick and right. For the time that I have known Paul he has accomplished so much for himself, and yet he still finds the time to help others around him. I have personally developed a fondness for Paul, and I am glad to know him."