Feedback From Paul's Guitar Students

Growing up a novice guitar player, I was fortunate enough to meet Paul Tauterouff. Paul quickly became a major inspiration to me. Many bands and many years later I found myself in a learning rut. I heard Paul was giving lessons and I  decided to give him a call. At my first lesson Paul asked me what I planned on  gaining  from my lessons. I told him my goals and what I wanted. He evaluated what I knew and quickly came up with a lesson plan that enabled me to grow as a musician. Paul broke my bad habits and helped me to hone the skills I already possessed enabling me to reach  my musical goals. This helped me to move in the direction I wanted to go. I still take lessons from Paul when I'm on break from recording and playing with my band. I sincerely value all the time I spend learning from him as well as his friendship.

My time studying guitar with Paul has been the most rewarding I've yet spent as a guitar student. He has a way of making the complicated seem simple, and fun, at the same time. I am thoroughly enjoying the lessons and have made significant progress in understanding the fretboard and theory behind what I want to do. On top of everything else, Paul is a cool dude to spend time with!!

I've been playing guitar for many years, just learning other people's stuff, strictly a "bedroom player". When I decided I wanted to play out a little, I felt "stuck", not really knowing how to create my own music. So, I came to Paul to kind of "jump start" my playing. And he has done exactly that. Paul has a great way of putting musical concepts into a very understandable form, particularly scale/chord relationships. He's very engaging, and knows how to push you, without being "pushy". His years of stage and studio experience give him a well-rounded repertoire of ideas to draw from. Thanks Paul !!

I have always been interested in the guitar but had no clue about the instrument until I met Paul. He has taught me everything from theory to playing techniques. Paul pays extremely close attention to how you play and corrects you to maximize your playing ability. He is always open to suggestions which make his lessons fun to go to. Not only have I learned a tremendous amount about the guitar from him in the past three years, he has also introduced me to some of my now favorite artists. I would definitely recommend Paul Tauterouff to anyone looking for guitar lessons. He isn't just an awesome teacher, he's a great friend.

Learning guitar is so much fun, and Paul is an awesome teacher. I started taking lessons over one year ago when I knew nothing about music, except that it was fun to listen to and might be cool to learn. The first and only instrument I have ever played is a guitar. I was never in band at school or even held a guitar before I started taking lessons. After my first lesson with Paul I knew that I wanted to play guitar for the rest of my life, and I worked hard to get better. Now I get a lot of compliments about how good I have become. The lessons are a lot of fun as well as educational. I'd recommend Paul as a teacher to anyone who wants to learn how to play guitar or improve their skills.

I have been receiving lessons from Paul for about three years. When I started I knew some music, but nothing about guitar. In the three years I have been receiving lessons from Paul, I have gone from only being able to pick out one note at a time, to playing full songs and being able to improvise to just about any form of music. He is a patient teacher and skillful player who has a knack for explaining music in terms of my individual style of music.

I have been taking lessons from Paul for almost three years now and it has improved my playing tremendously. Before I started taking lessons from Paul I only knew a few chords and about two parts of a song, but now I am able to play music from my favorite bands as soon as I get the music, I am able to play solos with ease. And have the ability to write songs of my own. He has improved my playing and increased my confidence enough to play in several performances, school musicals and band performances with complete confidence in myself. He makes music easy and fun to learn even the most difficult concepts, and it can be surprising how much you learn and how fast he will help you to learn a new skill. I would suggest lessons with Paul for guitarists of any level who wish to push their playing beyond their own expectations.

have been taking guitar lessons from Paul Tauterouff since November 06'. When I came to Paul I barely knew anything except a few chords and how to beat on my acoustic. In the past ten months I have learned so much, from some of my favorite songs to advanced music theory. And that is only ten months. Paul is very interested in what his students want to learn and not just what he wants to teach. I would recommend Paul to anyone interested in advancing their guitar skills. He's not just a teacher he's a friend. Thanks Paul for everything.

I began playing bass about two years ago and I thought I went along well enough on my own for the first few months but then I started taking lessons from Paul. Almost as soon as I began I could see a difference in my playing ability. Paul started me off doing things the right way so it wouldn't hinder me later on. I learned so much from him beginning from simple technique to more advanced forms and probably the most valuable thing I learned was the theory. I am currently a student at SUNY Broome majoring in audio engineering and I started off halfway ahead in my music theory class simply because of the lessons I have taken from Paul. He has definitely been an amazing teacher and was always willing to try and teach me anything I asked to learn from him. I would recommend him to anyone willing to learn about guitar. As of right now I am in three different bands, one band we just got a music studio and pay for our own practice room there, another one already has a number one song across the country on guitar center radio (which is where we work), and finally I have a punk band that gigs around the Albany area. I would not be where I am today nor would I be able to do any of that if I had not taken my lessons from Paul.

Working with Paul was the best decision of my career as a musician, he taught me everything I need to know to become a great bassist from finger skills to music theory and everything in-between. Paul can and will teach you everything you need to know, and that's quite a bit!"

My son has been taking lessons from Paul Tauterouff for over a year now. Paul has not only taught David the complexities of the electric guitar, but how to really focus on the music and to understand the importance of practice, something that has carried over into all parts of his life. Paul has always been encouraging and flexible, bending over backwards to meet our needs. When my daughter decided that she wanted to take lessons, Paul scheduled her and my son for back to back weekly lessons, and he persuaded my son to let her use one of his guitars... something I wasn't able to do! After a few weeks I asked her how she liked her new instructor, and she said, "he's cool!" High praise from a teenager. I highly recommend him... Mitchell is really enjoying guitar, we so know this is a compliment to you! Thanks !!! ...
Fondly, What a great lesson from a great teacher! Not only did Paul teach me something new that I did not know, he also stayed over-time to make sure I understood the topic which is extremely rare in the teaching business. He also took the time to help me out with the technical aspect of setting up everything for the lesson. He made the process fun and enjoyable as well as easy while still teaching me lots of valuable knowledge. Thanks Paul!"

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