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Are You Wasting Your Valuable Time Searching The Web For Chord and Scale Diagrams For Your Lesson Plans or Articles?

Dmin7 Chord

Minor Pentatonic Scale


The Guitar Teacher's Toolkit Is Just What You Need!!!


The Guitar Teacher's Toolkit

From: Paul Tauterouff


One of the biggest challenges facing new guitar teachers is in building a repertoire of quality lesson plans to hand out to their students. The major obstacle in doing so is the amount of time required to develop a library of high quality scale and chord diagram images.


Many guitar teachers start out wasting countless hours trying to find useable images on internet sites, only to be dissapointed by low resolution images and/ or branded/ copyrighted materials. This can be frustrating!


While there are several good programs available to create notation and tablature, there are very few available for creating high quality, high resolution chord and scale diagrams, and if you find one, you still will likely have to invest hours of your time creating diagrams yourself.



The Guitar Teacher's Toolkit is an affordable, easy-to-use solution to the issues faced by many guitar teachers.

"Time is a very valuable thing when you are a professional teacher running your own business, or especially if you are a part-time teacher who has to contend with a day job as well.

Tom and Paul understand this fact and have provided a very reasonably priced product, which will allow you to create your lesson plans much quicker, and look much more professional."

- Trevor Darmody (Ireland)



How Much Is Your Time Worth?


What is an hour of your time worth?


Calculate the amount of time you waste searching the web for diagrams and then multiply that by your hourly teaching rate. How much money are you losing?



Benefits of Using The Guitar Teacher's Toolkit:

  • Save Time :- No more scouring the internet hoping to find useable diagrams.

  • Pre-made Diagrams :- the Guitar Teacher's Toolkit includes high quality diagrams (in JPEG format) for the most widely used chords and scales.
  • Easy To Use :- Simply import included images into Word documents and resize as needed (instructions included) to create your own custom lesson plans.
  • Create Custom Diagrams :- Photoshop template (and instructions) included to easily create your own custom chord diagrams.
  • No Copyrights or Branding on Images :- Pay once and you have full ownership to use the images as you please for your lessons plans, articles, etc.
  • Consistency:- Your materials will have a clean, consistent, professional look.


Over 100 Items Included ...


(1) Blank guitar tab staff image
(1) Word Doc w/ 8 guitar tab staves and footer for your info
(1) Blank guitar standard notation and tab staff image
(1) Word Doc w/ 5 guitar standard notation and tab staves
(1) Blank bass tab staff image
(1) Word Doc w/ 8 bass tab staves and footer for your info

Chord Diagrams:

(1) Photoshop Chord Template
(3) chord templates
(34) commonly used open chord diagrams (maj, maj7, min, min7, dominant)
(5) root 6 barre chord diagrams (maj, maj7, min, min7, dominant)
(6) root 5 barre chord diagrams (maj, maj7, min, min7, dominant)
(2) diminished 7th chord diagrams
(2) augmented chord diagrams

Pentatonic Scale Diagrams:
(5) minor Pentatonic Shapes w/ circled roots
(5) Major pentatonics w/ circled roots
(2) diagonal pentatonic scale diagrams

Blues Scale Diagrams:

(5) blues scale shapes
(2) diagonal blues scale diagrams


(7) modes - standard shapes
(7) modes - 3 note-per-string

Harmonic Minor Scale Diagrams:

(2) harmonic minor scale diagrams (2 different fingerings)
(1) harmonic minor w/ diminished arpeggio
(1) harmonic minor w/ circled roots and highlighted 7ths
(7) hamonic minor w/ 3-note per string fingerings

(1) template to create your own scale diagrams
(3) blank fretboard images (6-fret, 10-fret and 12-fret versions)

Free Bonus: Minor Pentatonic Scale lesson plan to use with your students!!!


" Anyone who cares about creating first class materials for their students will recognize the importance of making materials that are not only presentable, clear and understandable but also consistent with everything else you use.

Working with this package and a program such as Word, it is possible to create entire programs that have a continuous high visual standard. In addition to this, materials can be quickly reproduced on demand without having to resort to second rate hand drawings and scribbles."

- Johnathan Vipond (UK)


Order The Guitar Teacher's Toolkit Now

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"The toolkit was a literal Godsend for me. I can custom make a print out for my students in a few minutes by just dragging and dropping the jpegs in to a word document, adding whatever text I need to, and print it off. I was having such a hard time finding or making quality diagrams for my lessons and it was costing me valuable lesson preparation time as well as cutting into my own practice time.

I have been using the toolkit for a few weeks and can honestly say that it has paid for itself 100 times over already and increased the professionalism of my lesson materials. I love the fact that it is simple and allows me to fully customize my own lesson materials. "

- Mike Breen (Japan)


I am confident that you will find the Guitar Teacher's Toolkit to be a huge timesaver and great value.


Paul Tauterouff